Amanda Totchek

Empowering Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Dive into the inspiring journey of Amanda Totchek, a dynamic entrepreneur whose resilience and versatility have driven her success. From her roots in Saskatchewan to her diverse ventures in law, holistic health, and community advocacy, discover how Amanda’s passion and determination have empowered her to make a meaningful impact and inspire others along the way.


About Amanda

Amanda Totchek is a dynamic entrepreneur whose journey is a testament to resilience and versatility. Hailing from Outlook, Saskatchewan, Amanda’s early life was shaped by her parents’ ownership of D&E Convenience Store for 15 years. Her academic pursuits led her to Saskatoon, where she immersed herself in the field of law, working at two law firms and various other companies, including an accounting firm and a real estate company. Later, she ventured to Medicine Hat, Alberta, to delve into Production Accounting for the oil field while continuing her legal career at a real estate law firm.

Driven by a passion for holistic health and wellness, Amanda embarked on a multifaceted entrepreneurial path. She founded a skincare studio, BareSkin & Health Studio, focusing on plant-based skincare and holistic health. Additionally, she established HotMess Handiwork, crafting moccasins and delving into teeth whitening services. Amanda’s dedication to community service is evident through her active involvement in numerous charitable events, such as Prostate Cancer fundraisers and Relay For Life, and her advocacy for causes like Breast Cancer awareness.

Amanda’s expertise spans various fields, including lash technology, cupping therapy, and medical aesthetics. Her commitment to education and advocacy extends to speaking engagements at universities and law society functions, where she addresses topics like domestic violence and mental health. With plans to write a book and expand her speaking engagements, Amanda continues to inspire others through her journey of empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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